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Mykal Cushnie Unscripted: The Director’s Cut

Updated: May 8, 2022

Deh Yute Deh Bad Enuh, in its colorful and expressive nature, this is the reply of what a true Jamaican would say, if they have ever worked with Mykal ‘Kush’ Cushnie.

He’s not the one to kick up rumpus, but after a good production be praised - We Got The Shot!. Cushnie has always been consistent and he continues to raise the bar to become a well - known director, and editor. The secret is in his work ethics, he is always on the move with big projects on his shoulders shooting with his favorite Kinefinity , Arri and Black Magic series cameras.

“ It all depends on what I'm shooting. For commercials, short films and music videos, I definitely love the Kinefinity camera. However, when it’s time to shoot a Netflix series or a major label music video, we have to bring in the Arri cameras from Miami because they are currently unavailable in Jamaica. Both are trusted for great production work.” - Mykal Cushnie

Weh Him Deh Pon? He started out editing videos for JCDC with Errol Russell, spending a lot of time around directors such as Jay Will, Ras Kassa, and Kimala Bennett over a decade ago, to working with Hype TV - his journey has been directed to higher heights. Cushnie has worked along side film maker and visual artist, Storm Saulter on feature films like ‘Better Mus Come’. He served as an editor for ‘Trash vs Treasure’, a lifestyle and decorative reality show produced by ‘The Young and the Restless’ alum Victoria Rowell shown on UMC which is the first and largest streaming service for Black TV and Film. Cushnie has worked as a Production Runner in the Assistant Directors department for the iconic James Bond movie series, James Bond 25 starring Daniel Craig. He has also directed commercials for big brands in Jamaica such as Digicel, NCB, and Grace Kennedy.

He is definitely one of the most prominent music video directors in Jamaica who has worked with the likes of Damian Marley, Popcaan, Tarrus Riley, Runkus as well as international acts like Falana, a Nigerian-Canadian soul singer and musician.

In this Art and Entertainment industry, there comes a time when you have to small up yuhself. For Cushnie, this simply means making room in his creative space for exceptional Directors of Photography such as: Benjamin Zecher (@benjaminzecher), Krusha (@krushavisuals) and Gabrielle Blackwood (@ gabrielle_blackwood) to produce great quality work. He has invested in his craft to get the best outcome from all of his projects.

In essence, Cushnie has a well-deserved reputation as a reliable director and editor while working with creatives from Jamaica, Switzerland, Germany, Nigeria, Kenya and the US on music videos, short films, movies and commercials. As the African proverb says, “ There are no shortcuts to the top of the palm tree”.

He spends his time capturing legendary moments on sets. When he is not editing, it’s safe to say that this director is in a lot of VIP meetings. Nonetheless, he still remains humble. Life is not like a movie, but you can write your own ending.

“ At the end of the day, the chemistry between a Director and the right Director of Photography can really push a project to its fullness. If I can help at least one person to understand that process a little more, then that makes my job more purposeful. ” - Mykal Cushnie

The locals are always impressed, so if you’re planning a workcation for your next trip to Jamaica or you’re a local looking for great director and editor - it’s a good idea to reason with Kush to work on some dope projects; as he would say. It takes 10,000 hours to make you a pro at your work, what’s stopping you from achieving greatness?

Jah Guidance, Lickkle More


1.Deh Yute Deh Bad Enuh - The youth is great at what he does.

2.Kick Up Rumpus - To have a riotous good time.

3.Weh Him Deh Pon - What is he up to?

4.Small Up Yuhself - Make room.

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