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Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Kush Releases Fourth Video Project With Oneness Records From Germany.

Great visuals doesn't just get a song views, it often gives life to the song. Behind many of the most buzzed-about music videos of the last few months coming out of Jamaica, credits is due to one of the baddest video director in the game right now - Mykal “Kush”Cushnie. Whether you notice it or not, Cushnie continues to position himself as the go to video director among emerging and established artists in the music industry. He oozes a cool and down-to-earth demeanor and if you take a quick snoop on his instagram,  you’d get that vibe too.

Since recently, he collaborated with Director of Photography, Benjamin Zecher

(@benjaminzecher ) of Oneness Records ( @onenessrecords ) on video projects: Don by Tydal Kamau ( @tydalkamau ), Gone Too Far and Touch Di Road by Lutan Fyah ( @lutanfyahmusic ) all produced by Oneness Records.  The high-powered duo Mykal Cushnie and Benjamin Zecher combined synergy continuously brings us face to face with authentic Jamaican scenery that resonates well with the viewers. They rely less on props and keeps it simple yet cinematic.

As a director, Kush loves to shoot real-life people in their environments. This is evident in a lot

of the music videos that he’s worked on thus far.

Both Cushnie and Zecher were able to capture striking narratives as seen in Don; a song about the gang culture in the modern-day Jamaica and Touch Di Road; a song about the hardworking rastaman trying to make ends meet during hard times.

The intricate layering of imagery in hues of black and white, along with the use of light or

shadowing techniques used on the subject matters makes their music videos compelling. The

music videos were shot using the Sony A7 series and Canon Primes . After watching these music videos, stay tune for another collaborative effort between Cushnie and Zecher in Lutan Fyah’s upcoming ‘Touch Di Road’ documentary.

Camera Equipments:

Benjamin Zecher - Sony A7 series

Canon Primes

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