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Video Director Mykal Cushnie Collaborates With Runkus On Music Project.

Updated: May 8, 2022

A game changer in his own right - reggae artist, Runkus ( @runkusinno ) caught the music

industry by surprise with his release of 5Gs .

Another one for the history books, Mykal Cushnie, one of the most sought-after video directors in Jamaica was behind this star-studded collaboration with Runkus. The song 5Gs features the likes of Jesse Royal ( @jesseroyal1 ) , Royal Blu ( @theroyalblu ), Kabaka Pyramid ( @kabakapyramid ), and Munga Honorable (@munga4evahonorable).

With an interesting song title that could have been intentionally used as a reference to the fifth generation technology conspiracy or for the generals themselves featured on the track, either way it’s a win win both locally and internationally. The song was mixed and mastered by Runkus himself, and offers a lyrical execution on the track by each artist. A powerful exploration of the theme introspection, causes the listeners to reflect on their own self-destruction tendencies. The song also tackles societal issues as well as a commentary on the corrupted political system in Jamaica. The artists weren’t afraid to push the boundaries of honesty with this one.

A hard hit for the mass to digest, the directing skills of Mykal Cushnie made the song even more liberating.

The video was recorded in sections of Portmore, St.Catherine and St.Andrew.

Through the dynamic repetitious use of aerial drone shots as well as wide shots with raised fists symbolizing resiliency and power - Cushnie has something valuable to teach us about visual perception. The music video was shot using the Kinefinity Terra 4K camera with SLR Magic Micro Primes and Polar Pro Mattebox. The project was endorsement by Grammy Award

Winning Jamaican - American DJ, MC and record producer Walshy Fire from Major Lazer

during an exclusive interview with Runkus..

The 5Gs is definitely a hit for this summer, ranking over 250,000 views and counting on Youtube since it premiered.

The collaborative efforts between Runkus, Mykal Cushnie and Krusha will bring forth a 6 track EP titled, ’Inside’ as well as a fifteen minutes documentary named ‘Inside X Portmore’. The documentary was shot during the St. Catherine lockdown earlier this year, both projects are scheduled to be released in October 2020.

5Gs Video Credits:

Director of Photography - Krusha

Video Editor - Tim Foresta

Camera Assistant - Drone - Meeksie

Camera Equipments:

Krusha - Kinefinity Terra 4k camera w/kineback W

SLR magic micro primes 18 24 35 50 & 75mm (e-mount)

Polar pro matte box w/variable 2 - 6 stop ND filter + polarizer

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